A quick update on my MRI and other scans

Happy April Fools Day!!!  I was sure that yesterday must have been April first since we woke up to SNOW, but nope it’s today.  I hope you have a fun day and enjoy our latest update.

I had an MRI on Thursday, 3/13, considering how fast things have been changing basically means it was a decade ago.  They saw some stuff that looked crummy and might indicate more cancer.  Following that my surgeon ordered an ultrasound to see what would be easily reached for biopsy (if needed) or to see if maybe there were some things that looked suspicious but were nothing of concern.

During the ultrasound we were able to see that one “axillary tail” lymph node (one of the nodes furthest away from my arm pit) seems to be affected, I will have a biopsy this Friday (4/4).  There is also a spot on the left (other) breast that we’ll biopsy Friday.  The oncologist and breast surgeon aren’t very concerned about the  left breast since it’s not likely that the cancer would move there, it would be more likely to move to the organs (lungs, liver, etc.).  Even so, we do need to biopsy the spot on the left breast because if it is cancerous then the plan for surgery will change (they would need to test the left lymph nodes as well as right nodes).

On Tuesday, 2/25, I had a CT scan (abdomen, chest, and pelvis) and Bone scan.  Both scans came back normal with nothing noteworthy or concerning.  There are a few spots but our oncologist from Hartford said since an oncologist ordered the scans then EVERY little spot would be tagged or noted.  The oncologist from Dana Farber noted I have freckles on the outside of my body so I probably have some on the inside too.  I thought that was an interesting way of looking at it, though it’s not necessarily something that’s been researched.  Most of us do have little spots on our organs that are simply spots.

So I’m encouraged that most of the potential pieces seen on the MRI are likely to be either nothing at all (the tissue just reflected in a weird way) or nothing to be concerned about.  Check back soon for the update on our trip to Dana Farber (Amazing!!) and our treatment plan.

Love, hope, and laughter to you all!!


One thought on “A quick update on my MRI and other scans

  1. Sharon Punty says:

    Carey, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you go through this horrendous life changing event. I just read your blog.

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