Lots of Doctors and an MRI

Hi all,

The last couple weeks have been mind-numbingly busy with doctor appointments, phone calls to schedule said appointments, and calls to get records faxed, copied, etc.  Last week there were 4 cancer related appointments, this week saw 3, and, as of now, next week has 3.  From all these appointments we have decided that 1) we really, REALLY like the team of doctors we have and 2) the iPhone app “Calengoo” is a life saver for us since it will sync both of our Google calendars (without it we would be both double booked and lost).

Another piece that made the past week difficult was that the results from the MRI were not what we had expected or wanted.  We were really focused on the mass being small and the rest of my breast being clear or unaffected by cancer.  The oncologist went over the MRI results and explained that there were a few other areas that were cause for concern, five to be exact.  Four of the areas were in the same breast that has the cancer, three small masses and one axillary lymph node.  The other concern was about a possible mass on the opposite breast.  This news was harder for me to hear than the initial cancer diagnosis because this news, if true, can affect treatment and possibly the stage of cancer (though not greatly).  I had been prepared for the possibility of some lymph nodes being affected but to hear that there were more possible tumors, especially after what seemed to be a clear mammogram a few weeks prior, was stunning to say the least.  Despite this news, the oncologist was very encouraging and positive about the treatment plan, citing past patients that had similar diagnoses and are many years post treatment with no recurrence.  Her assurance and demeanor helped us to breathe a bit, as did meeting with our surgeon again this week.  Our surgeon noted that there are many reasons that tissue can fluoresce and look different under the MRI.  Both doctors encouraged us to breathe and remain confident that my prognosis is STILL great.  I should note that neither is the type to give false hope or candy coat facts.  🙂

We’ve had some more news since then and some of it was very positive, I’ll write another post shortly with that information and our next steps.  I’m working to make these shorter and more frequent, time will tell if I can meet that goal.

Love, hope, and laughter to you all!


3 thoughts on “Lots of Doctors and an MRI

  1. I am so sorry to hear that there may be more of these nasty cells for you to deal with. But I know God has this under control. I am so amazed at the grace with which you are handling this. Keep looking up and know that we are continuing to pray!

  2. Rebecca Lugthart says:

    Love you, Carey. I’m not on FB right now but check this blog regularly and you are in my thoughts daily. I wish I knew how else I could help. Can I come clean your house for you? Send you all our cancer cookbooks and juicing stuff? Do you juice? I could get you started growing wheatgrass. Or get Matt started so you don’t have to think of it. Anything. I’m serious. Xoxo

  3. Robin Ives says:

    I was thinking about you today and pulled up the blog to see if there was anything new. I read this news and please know I am keeping you in my prayers – this is an up and down rollercoaster and I hope you can try to stay balanced. I am glad you are updating everyone here – it is good to know how things are going!!! Stay strong!!!

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