Drunken Mangos

In March I went to Maine to visit a friend and get away for the weekend (ie. I went with no children or husband. It. Was. Great!). While I was there I was introduced to champagne mangos, the Portland Whole Foods had them on sale 5/$5. And there began my love affair with this fruit. I like mangos but the champagne mangos have an effervescent quality to them that is simply wonderful. The ‘meat’ is delicate and sweet almost a melt in your mouth sort-of texture, especially when they are perfectly ripe. I could eat them all day. Since March I have ben stalking them, I pick them up when I find them, our local Whole Foods has them quite frequently and if I happen to find them on sale I have been spotted doing a little dance of joy. I buy a few for eating within the next couple of days and then buy a few that need more time to fully ripen so I can savor each fruit.

So, you may ask, why are the mangos drunk? Well, we have a brunch birthday party today for our littlest Little and we had mimosas. I have left over Cava from the mimosas and what better use for that them to pour some over some fruit. So I am currently, as I type, enjoying champagne mangos in champagne (or Spain’s version of champagne). YUM!

I’ll walk you through what I did, not that any one needs directions on this but just in case.

2 mangos, peeled and cut
1 large handful of strawberries (about 3/4 lb, I have long fingers) hulled and quartered
unused Cava, Champagne, Prosecco or another sparkling wine, regular wine can be used too but the bubbles are a nice touch

Combine the fruit in the bowl and pour the Cava over the top so that most of the fruit is sitting in the wine. Let it set in the fridge or on the counter for a few hours or longer. Its great!

Note: This is somewhat borrowed and adapted from some ideas that I have heard tossed around on The Faith Middleton Show on our local NPR station, WNPR. Credit where its due, thanks Faith!

Stay tuned for a post on the birthday festivities!