Beginning to Fly

I think I’ve mentioned before that I am not a great housekeeper… that might be an understatement.  Our house is typically clean but somewhat cluttered.  We live in an old house with little storage space and a basement that tends to be damp (stone foundation).  But I really can’t blame it all on the house, I am a New Englander through and through and I might, someday, need that pan that I picked up for 80% off 5 years ago and have yet to use even once.  The day after I give away or sell that pan I will need it desperately for some baking and then I’ll be forced to go pay full price for the pan I just gave away.  I am not eligible to join the show “Hoarders” and that example might be an exaggeration but I want our home to be a sanctuary for our family and it isn’t there yet.

I have several friends that have used a site called to help get control of their homes.  I had looked at it a while ago but never started anything with it but as the girls are getting older and our schedule seems to get a bit more busy I have decided that I need to do something to de-clutter and organize.  So, I will be starting this “program” today.  I took pictures of each room in its chaotic state and will be posting before and after pictures as I make my way through each room.  I’m excited about this, its set-up in bite sized changes that are supposed to help build habits that make housework second nature and something that can be done in small bites each day.  I’m excited to see what I uncover and how my routine takes shape.

So think of me, pray for me, pray for our home.  Feel free to ask me how its going and I’ll work to update this regularly.  I’m off to shine my sink!