Ricotta Pancakes and waffles, oh my!!

Can you say ‘Yum’?

As a rule in our house we double our pancake recipes.  This is because our Littles (ages almost 2 and almost 4) will eat as many pancakes as my Love and I can, maybe more.  Before we had Littles we found a recipe for ricotta pancakes.  Actually I think that my Love started us down the curdy whey (sorry). When we were first married he made these amazing, thick, filling and glorious ricotta pancakes (at this point I can’t put my fingers or mouse on the recipe, I’ll update if I can locate it).

More recently we have been making another variety of ricotta pancakes that are mixed in a food processor or blender.  They are crepe-like in their consistency but high in protein, I was rather surprised how filling they were.  I have skipped the butter in the batter (forgot it was in the microwave) and not noticed much of a difference, as long as the griddle is well greased.  These are delicious with jam, fruit or, with the classic, pure maple syrup.  Yum!!!

Last month I found another great ricotta day-starter, or breakfast for dinner as was our case.  Ricotta waffles, these are yummy!! They are easy to make and a great hit with all our family and by great hit I mean that both Littles would have eaten the entire recipe if I had let them.  We served them with strawberry syrup (basically make a simple syrup and add a bunch of sliced strawberries to it and simmer for a few minutes).

Give these a try this weekend.  Or if you’re like me and need a fast meal due to lack of planning/foresight have them for supper tomorrow night.