Spring is springing… or at least trying to!

I have mentioned that I love all our seasons, its one of the things that I love about living in the northeast. After Winter Spring is so much more glorious, Summer is hot but not unbearably oppressive, Fall is my favorite with color, smells, crisp air and the prep for Winter, Winter is cold and bitter at times but it means sledding and skiing and hot cocoa and other fun times.

So our spring has had a slow start this year, after a record breaking winter of snow we are now seeing the flowers peaking through the ground and the grass (or weeds in our case) is starting to grow again. The birds are chirping away in the morning (that happened a little while ago actually) and Spring is springing up.

We went to the park on Tuesday, a wet and somewhat dreary day but I was bound and determined to get outside and let the girls run. It was great! The slides were fast, the sky was overcast but not raining and the girls ended up totally dirty/sandy/soaked. Does it get any better than that??