A special lunch

I realized as I was about to make lunch that we have community dinner at church tonight (read: I don’t have to cook supper) so instead of our favorite peanut butter and jam I opted for a little more special lunch.  Matt will come home for supper so he can get some studying in while the rest of us are at church so I made more than we needed giving him a supper that isn’t something he’s already had.

I started with 2 boxes of Annie’s Shells and  Cheese, some leftover cream of mushroom soup (about 1 cup), 1 can of tuna, drained (I love the no salt added Trader Joe’s tuna) and a large handful of baby spinach (I have long fingers/big hands so it might be more like 2 handfuls).

I cooked the shells and drained the water.  After returning to the pot I added the soup and the “cheese” mix to the pasta.  Once that was combined I added the tuna and mixed that in as well as breaking the chunks of tuna I finished it off with the baby spinach which I tore a little as I was adding it.  I covered the pot and let it set (off the heat) for a few minutes to let the spinach wilt.

Viola.  A not-completely-unhealthy, warm and yummy lunch.  The kids gobbled it up and had seconds and we have leftovers for a side dish or (more likely) Matt’s supper tonight.

Tuna Shell Lunch


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