Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is fun and even during my more “bitter” times I liked the day.  A chance to tell people more pointedly that you love and care for them is great.  Its kind of like a Thanksgiving for people.

I start with my immediate family and then head out through family and friends and I am thankful for each of you.  For the friendship and the fun times and character building times.  So who are your valentines?  Here are some of mine.


Biggest Little

Littlest Little

Love & BL - Sledding

LL - Waiting her turn

Love & LL - Sledding



A special lunch

I realized as I was about to make lunch that we have community dinner at church tonight (read: I don’t have to cook supper) so instead of our favorite peanut butter and jam I opted for a little more special lunch.  Matt will come home for supper so he can get some studying in while the rest of us are at church so I made more than we needed giving him a supper that isn’t something he’s already had.

I started with 2 boxes of Annie’s Shells and  Cheese, some leftover cream of mushroom soup (about 1 cup), 1 can of tuna, drained (I love the no salt added Trader Joe’s tuna) and a large handful of baby spinach (I have long fingers/big hands so it might be more like 2 handfuls).

I cooked the shells and drained the water.  After returning to the pot I added the soup and the “cheese” mix to the pasta.  Once that was combined I added the tuna and mixed that in as well as breaking the chunks of tuna I finished it off with the baby spinach which I tore a little as I was adding it.  I covered the pot and let it set (off the heat) for a few minutes to let the spinach wilt.

Viola.  A not-completely-unhealthy, warm and yummy lunch.  The kids gobbled it up and had seconds and we have leftovers for a side dish or (more likely) Matt’s supper tonight.

Tuna Shell Lunch

The Flower Girl

January is over and the entire month seems like a blur.  We had a number of big events on our calendar this month so it flew by and now I am working to reclaim my house.  All the events were fun and well worth our time to be at or in them but the most memorable is our friend’s wedding.  Our biggest Little was the flower girl and a good friend of her’s was the ring bearer.  They were WAY too cute!  I give you Natalie and Mike’s wedding pictures (well really just a few of the all important flower girl and ring bearer):

Practicing THE walk at the rehearsal

Lets get those pre-wedding jitters out and some of that energy too.

Walking on the big day. They both did a great job!

Posing Littles

And now for the FUN!

He is a bit of a binge drinker. Really he'll down an entire sippy in 60 seconds!! 🙂

Not a binge drinker but still both had water (for the record).

Let the dancing begin. Note: she had her shoes off after the first song.

And it continues...

Our little flower girl danced and danced.  We had to drag her away, not quite kicking and screaming but pulling her away to go home after dancing for over 2 hours.  Pretty much straight through.  Oh to have that energy again!!