Conditioning Treatments

A quiet house might be the nicest thing around.  I love when our home settles in for the night or the girls are out with someone other than me.

A quiet house might also be the most terrifying thing, for a mom, as was my experience this morning.  I was catching up on some emails while the girls played when I realized that the house was… quiet. (cue climactic horror movie music)

Worse yet.  Last time I heard the girls they were making their way towards the bathroom.  (cue shrieks of horror)

OK, so it wasn’t too bad, I got off easy this time.  They just got into my hair conditioner.  I’m pretty sure they each ate a little and they were using it like lotion on their hands.  When I told my eldest that it was not body lotion but more like hair lotion she promptly ran her hands through her hair.  Rookie mistake on my part, I should have known better.  My baby immediately copied her big sister.  So I have two little girls running around with some extra conditioner in their hair today and thankfully that’s the worst of it.  Phew!

Here’s to a noisy house for the rest of the day, except nap time.


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