So my Love is off with the Littles to our local children’s museum (The Lutz Children’s Museum) and I am left to a quite house except for Pup’s pattering and the radio.  To my fellow moms is there a nicer thing after a week of kids all the time and lots of snow?



OK that was nice now its time to shower and run errands.  We are out of milk and our old house is leaking cold air like… well like old houses will do in the middle of winter.  So the day keeps going albeit a bit more quietly.  I hope you’re having a great weekend and enjoy whatever quiet and peace that you have in your day.


Short changes

When my first Little was born I had short hair, think pixie short.  I knew I’d never get it cut often enough to maintain that, plus my hair grew so fast during pregnancy I had to let it get a bit longer.  I had been working with pediatric hematology/oncology patients and their families during my pregnancy so I decided to let my hair grow and possibly donate it in the future.

Cut to (no pun intended) three years, or so, later and I was ready to donate.  Last Wednesday I cut off 13 inches of hair, then to get the cut about another 5 inches went.  Here’s the photographic evidence of the event (read: fantastic event).

Front before


Front after

Back 🙂

So I have 13 inches of hair being sent into Pantene Beautiful Lengths: (  I’ve had my hair all sorts of different lengths from very long to very short.  I have never donated my hair before and I’m not sure that I will again but I’m glad that I am this time. 🙂

Conditioning Treatments

A quiet house might be the nicest thing around.  I love when our home settles in for the night or the girls are out with someone other than me.

A quiet house might also be the most terrifying thing, for a mom, as was my experience this morning.  I was catching up on some emails while the girls played when I realized that the house was… quiet. (cue climactic horror movie music)

Worse yet.  Last time I heard the girls they were making their way towards the bathroom.  (cue shrieks of horror)

OK, so it wasn’t too bad, I got off easy this time.  They just got into my hair conditioner.  I’m pretty sure they each ate a little and they were using it like lotion on their hands.  When I told my eldest that it was not body lotion but more like hair lotion she promptly ran her hands through her hair.  Rookie mistake on my part, I should have known better.  My baby immediately copied her big sister.  So I have two little girls running around with some extra conditioner in their hair today and thankfully that’s the worst of it.  Phew!

Here’s to a noisy house for the rest of the day, except nap time.


Some days I can’t believe how time has flown.  I remember thinking when I was younger (like high school or middle school) that I would be 23 in the year 2000.  And I remember thinking how far away that seemed.  As it turns out it still seems far away, funny how that works.  One guarantee we have in life is that it will keep moving.  We’ll keep aging.  Our children (whether ours or those in our lives) will keep growing and learning new, exciting things.  Time is not a respecter of persons, it moves regardless of who we are.

So this year I hope to do my part to slow time down.  To savor the moments that I have with my kids, my friends, those around me.  To make the most out of the time we have not in a carpe diem can’t-say-no-to-anything kind of way but in a I-only-get-this-moment-once way.  Cheers and I hope you and your’s have a very happy and healthy New Year!