Santa, shopping and garbage

What do Santa, shopping and garbage have to do with each other?  Nothing, really but they all happen to be on my mind now.

As of a few hours ago we are completely done with Christmas shopping.  The Littles and I ventured into the mall for two reasons this morning.  1) To visit Santa and 2) to pick up a few remaining items.  The Littles loved waiting to see Santa almost as much as seeing him.  They bopped around and played with the tree and the little toys they had in the line area.  Then we walked into Santa’s “room” and the bopping slowed.  They knew this was their big moment… or they just thought it was odd that this guys was wearing a fuzzy red suit and he was asking them what they wanted him to bring to their house.  The looks in the picture pretty much say it all.  No tears but there’s certainly some bewilderment.  This was their first visit and, in my opinion, it went great.  We didn’t make a big deal about it, Matt wasn’t actually there, the Littles had fun and we have some cute photographic documentation.

Now to the garbage.  Why?  Why do I always find things to throw away on garbage day?  I should specify, after the truck comes by on garbage day.  And these are not just some pieces of mail or some packaging.  Why are there always things in my fridge that look fuzzy funky that I miss when I do the “garbage night sweep”?  How exactly do I miss the funk that is right in front of my face when I do the sweep?  Please tell that I am not alone in this.  There must be fellow funk-missers in the world.  Anyone?


One thought on “Santa, shopping and garbage

  1. Ellen says:

    You are NOT alone! Inevitably, each week we put out garbage and each week we forget something (embarrassingly, sometimes this forgotten fuzzy item is missed the next week as well…). So, take heart, there is at least one other “funk-misser” in this world.

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