All dressed up and nowhere to go… but backwards

So would that make it “Somewhere to go but nothing to wear”?

Truthfully I have something to wear but not the thing that I want to wear.  Why is that?  I am selective in the clothing purchases and try to pick things that will have good uses, etc.  I have plenty of clothes.  So why do I feel as though I don’t?  Hmmm… Thats a topic for another post.

I have a Christmas party tonight.  A party with some of my lovely mom friends from the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group that I am part of.  The leadership team is having a “ball gown” party with a gift swap.  I have the gift, I have wrapped it in a lovely fashion (literally) and I just need to figure out how to wrap myself.  I’m a little short on ball gowns these days but I’m sure that there’s something hanging around that I can have some fun with.

With Christmas upon us here’s a wrapping tip that I learned from a friend.  Socks make wonderful little wrappings for wine bottles, small candles, pretty much anything that is less than 3″ in diameter.  Use a new pair of socks, take one and either put it in the toe of the other or use both on the bottle or jar.  Tweek it around a little, add a ribbon and there you have it, a fashionably wrapped gift.

Off I go to find some wrapping so I can go to the ball.  Where is my fairy godmother??  Or better yet, where did I leave my wedding dress??


UPDATE: I dug out a dress from my closet that I have used for weddings pre-kids.  It worked wonderfully!  Especially since the group was all women.  I need to do some sewing to it before I wear it again.  The soiree was wonderful and we all had a great time, now to find my pjs.


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