Littles and Lights

I love my Littles (AKA kids).  I love that they put almost all the ornaments on the Christmas tree today (note I actually succeeded in washing the carpet, Matt put up the tree).  Little 1 has been working to teach Little 2 how to turn the lights on and off, we have a nifty pedal switch that I got a while back, and at 17 months she is doing quite well.  This morning it was decided that the girls would put the ornaments on the tree.  Literally, all of the ornaments were put onto the lowest 12 inches of the tree and in less than 1/4 of the circumference.  One poor branch had (maybe still has) 8 ornaments on it.   I’m pretty sure that Little 1 thinks we’ll be asking them to put them away so this is a work saving technique.  A work saving technique that I am fine with.


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