Global Warming??

I might have found an additional factor in climate change.  According to UNICEF there are 2.2 million children worldwide, many of those are toddler age.  Toddlers tend to have what we affectionately refer to as “meltdowns”.  If you were a picture on the wall of my home (if I had pictures on our walls) you would see that we have been having an above average rate of meltdowns.  We have seen meltdowns that could destroy some of the world’s largest glaciers.  With the number of children of a similar age having similar meltdowns we could be looking at some serious temperature change.

Just a thought.


Sanity found in a walk

Some might read the above title and recall memories of a lovely walk on the beach or hike in the mountains. Its different for me. I have had some lovely, sanity inducing walks. But the sanity, or lack-thereof, I am speaking of pertains to the tracking of mud across my kitchen floor after a rainy day.

We are 98% done with putting in a walk to our back door (our primary entryway). We have dug, mixed, “poured”, set and swept and we are pretty much set with our walk. The only thing remaining to be done is sealing the concrete in the spring, after its fully cured.

This walk brings me so so SO much joy. Late winter and early spring, summer into fall and pretty much any time that we had lots of rain would make me a little crazy. Not because I am a neat-freak. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination. But because the mud that would get tracked across my kitchen floor only highlighted my non-neat-freakedness. I would want to mop but every time I mopped we would have another rainy day. So I would spot clean but spot cleaning for 2 kids, 2 adults and 1 80lb lab (with 4 feet, obviously) is kinda like mopping. Somewhere in the last 4 yrs I stopped looking down at my kitchen floor. See no dirt, hear no dirt? That was less than ideal because eventually I would look down and be shocked that the floor could look so dirty. Or I would wonder why our white socks were less than white.

Needless to say since the initial putting in of our walk the floor has been much nicer to look at. I just finished sweeping the jointing sand into the, well, joints and now the walk looks great from the outside too. The close to 3,000 pounds of concrete and sand that went into this walk by way of our arms, legs and backs are being made worth it by the little bit of sanity that I can find in a cleaner kitchen floor.

Heres to walks and the sanity that they can bring.